About this software

EmPerA is a windows desktop tool that can allows you to search for, extract and make use of valuable email data from an email account.

It can be used for personal archiving or business data leverage and documentation creation.

Version 1 - Coming in 2017 to Windows

Search via period and key words across email content
Extract email addresses into lists or to form an email
Extract email bodies, attachments and web links into archives.
Create story documents from email chains and patterns.

Version 2 - Coming in 2018 to Web & Mobile

Realtime features and search pre-sets to create templated documents such as
project reports and decision evidence documents.

Desktop Application (Windows Version): £19.99
App Subscriptions: £2.99 per month
Minimum System Requirements:
150MB of hard disk space, Windows XP or later version of Windows,
Intel Core 2 or AMD Phenom, 2MB of RAM,
Internet connection

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