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LanternSoft provides consultancy services in a range of different areas, providing both expertise advice and hands on design, implementation and support.

We specialise in the following areas:

Systems & Platforms integration for both established systems with defined API's and bespoke systems. In this day and age, the usefulness of a system if often based on how well that system can communicate with other systems. Whether this means your system needs to receive or send information outside of your domain, LanternSoft can advise, design, implement and support long lasting integration software to fulfill your requirements.
Straight-Through Processing (STP), often a necessity and legal requirement in financial systems, but growing increasingly important in all commerce. STP means without user intervention and LanternSoft provides expertise in a number of different STP technologies including FIX for financial systems and enterprise event based messaging systems.
Automation in a variety of different scenarios, such as reporting, content management, scheduling, alerting and systems monitoring.
Low latency systems when throughput and efficiency are important factors in a system's requirements.

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