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Building a working system

There are many different types of systems, where the user journey can be anything from analyzing and managing business data to content creation and network management.

To build a system that satisfies the user journey needed is one thing, but to build a system that works is another.

A system that works is one that has a wider system around it that is not “all machine”.
A vending machine works by itself for a while, but unless it has a wider system that refills it, maintains it and analyses it for breakages and errors, it will soon become an unworking system.

The nature of some systems means they need a very small wider system, usually one human who occasionally will check in on the system, or respond to alerts generated by it.

Sophisticated systems have layers of software all taking care of each other, but these systems are expensive, both from a maintenance point of view and an infrastructure perspective, where cloud costs can elastically expand with more and more processing need.

Building a working system requires knowledge, of both the business problem and the technology used to solve it.

Lanternsoft has a 13 year history of delivering working systems, both for institutional clients and independent applications.

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